ZapTower is an advanced Watchtower for the Lightning Network, ensuring security and reliability in transactions. With its lightning-fast speed, ZapTower safeguards your transactions, providing a secure environment for your financial activities on LN.


It is an open-source project developed and operated for the benefit of the Bitcoin community, with a focus on the emerging transaction fee market that is evolving Bitcoin into a multi-layer ecosystem.


a fast & nimble spv server that provides Blockchain data to your applications, webapps and SPV wallets.


free and open-source lightning wallet. Useful for getting donations, tips, allow others to withdraw funds. Connect to your mobile app by LndHub and last but not least get your lnaddress Olso offering free and easy Lightning Bitcoin Payment options for Friends & Family. Enabled extensions: LNURLp, LNURLw, Paywall, LndHub, Tip Jar and others...

Who We Are

a bitcoin, lightning network node and watchtower provider

We provide a watchtower service - ZapTower - to run your lightning node in safety.

What We Do

we host a useful set of opensource tools that facilitate the use of bitcoin and lightning nodes in total security and with an eye to privacy.

  • Mempool
  • Electrum server (Fulcrum)
  • ZapTower
  • LNBits

What People Are Saying

our clients and statistics services.

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