Watchtowers (LND)

We worked on decentralisation to improve reliability, speed and resilience. Now you can choose the tower closest to you for faster transaction or even all of them.
Towers are free of charge, so hope you consider donating using the qrcode LNURL in the page.

AU Tower (LND):

lncli wtclient add 03b06847b0d56c466555f2c6922a08249f60647fce2d39a36ab2dd0309ac5b1b0d@ulth7cn7un7wonehii562ar6ov3hilaf5nchvb2ydc5tnsskaluuqyyd.onion:9911

EU Tower (LND):

lncli wtclient add 032b32484f7f279638c3fa58f12d4dc255b6d7cbb08bff1f843a8e4ff2b48f79ab@gjlimbqvzyuhee3nylc7frmdatgvajtiu434ingvf3azgkzalnz7void.onion:9911

US Tower (LND):

lncli wtclient add 028829fcc05c0ba83d7fff053abf663448e2e1e440f345eaa9b3f0c11ac2ce44ea@6kh3htmifene35brvqwvm6jasdb72g56kgmz2f5jrpovk3tq3xmfw3qd.onion:9911

How to configure (activate the watch)

To enable your LN daemon to work with watchtower edit your lnd.conf file and:
  • set = 1
  • stop and restart your lightning node


    If you need a watchtower on clear net:
  • Pubkey: 03b06847b0d56c466555f2c6922a08249f60647fce2d39a36ab2dd0309ac5b1b0d
  • Address:
  • You need to buy the service here on
  • now you use lncli command to connect as follow: lncli wtclient add

    If you need a watchtower on the onion network:
  • Pubkey: 03b06847b0d56c466555f2c6922a08249f60647fce2d39a36ab2dd0309ac5b1b0d
  • Address: ulth7cn7un7wonehii562ar6ov3hilaf5nchvb2ydc5tnsskaluuqyyd.onion:9911
  • now you use the lncli command to connect as follow: lncli wtclient add 03b06847b0d56c466555f2c6922a08249f60647fce2d39a36ab2dd0309ac5b1b0d@ulth7cn7un7wonehii562ar6ov3hilaf5nchvb2ydc5tnsskaluuqyyd.onion:9911
  • I hope you consider donating using the qrcode LNURL in the page.


    You can find a more detailed guide on how to setup a watchtower here.


  • How can I check that the watchtower is working for my node?
  • You have active sessions with the tower when the command lncli wtclient towers shows: "active_session_candidate": true,

    tower support:


    ClearNet watchtower aviable too, click here for more details on